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Furnace Repair, Replacement & Maintenance

Can your furnace withstand the cold? The Philadelphia Metro area is no stranger to icy weather, so keeping your heating system working with proper furnace maintenance is an absolute necessity.

Philadelphia is renowned for its cold winters, so if your furnace needs to be repaired, maintained or replaced, contact Fahrenheit.

We have more than 25 years of experience servicing customers in Philadelphia and the surrounding Metro areas with our high-quality furnace maintenance, repair and replacement service. Our technicians understand how to extend the life of a furnace, and we can help you decide if a new unit is a smarter investment.

“My heater died at a most inopportune time. Without any recommendations from friends, I called Fahrenheit and was totally satisfied.”

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Serving Montgomery, Bucks & Philadelphia County

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To Repair or Replace a Furnace? That Is The Question…

When it’s a quick solution to a simple problem, such as a furnace circuit-breaker problem or a clogged filter, then life quickly returns to normal. But sometimes, the cost of furnace repair makes replacing the unit a better idea.

So, how do you decide? The first considerations are the safety of you, your family or your customers. If the electronics are faulty and beyond repair, or there’s a cracked heat exchanger, then unfortunately, furnace replacement is necessary.

Age can also determine whether repair or replacement is best. Furnaces usually last between 15 and 20 years, so those that are 15 years or older are most likely to need replacement. But age alone is not the only reason to replace the furnace, which is why it’s important to contact an HVAC professional.

Pro Tip: How efficient is your heating plan? If you are spending a fortune on fuel, then purchasing a new furnace may save you money because new units consume less fuel.

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Why Regular Furnace Maintenance Is so Important

If you use a regular furnace maintenance service, then your unit is likely to last much longer. Fall is the perfect time to have your furnace maintained in preparation for the colder months, so even if your furnace isn’t giving you problems right now, it’s a good idea to have maintenance done before the cold sets in. You will not only prolong your furnace’s life, but save energy in the process, too!

If you would like to enjoy a hassle-free winter, it is best to find out now whether your furnace is going to make it through the cold months. Call our 24-hour service department, and let our experienced technicians decide whether your furnace needs to be serviced, repaired or replaced.

Our technicians are available 24/7.

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Fahrenheit is a member of various trade organizations including the Better Business Bureau, the Air Conditioning Contractors of America and North American Technician Excellence (NATE). Our AAA-rated professionals are experts in their field. They have been trained to provide you with the best possible HVAC services for your home and business.

Fahrenheit has built its reputation on exemplary, personalized customer service and up-to-date methods. If you are either a home or business owner residing in the Philadelphia area, call us.


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